Electric Propulsion

Lifter motors and propeller drives for powered lift, propulsion systems for horizontal flight, small-to-large size ducted fans – Schubeler covers a wide range of electric propulsion solutions for aerospace applications with a prevailing focus on safety, certification and performance.

Aerodynamics Optimization

Electric ducted fans have become indispensable to re-create real-life conditions in safe and clean wind tunnel simulation scenarios.

By outfitting scale models with Schubeler fans, customers are successfully replicating exhaust air streams from aircraft engines for improved performance predictability.


In the last decade, aerospace engineers have been exploring novel ways to ingest, influence and energize boundary layers to create thrust and lift at the same time by combining the propulsion system and the lifting surface (wing).

Schubeler masters the electric fan technology that can bring this distributed propulsion system from concept to reality.


While high-altitude balloons are being used for a growing range of national-security, scientific research, intelligence collection telecommunication or other commercial applictions, they remain highly volatile vehicles, the value of which is commensurate to their ability to stay in the stratosphere.

Schubeler has designed and continues to develop propulsion systems for balloon or fixed-wing HAPS, and manufactured the compressor for the most ambitious HAPS fleet deployment project – Loon.

Defense & Surveillance

Technologies developed by Schubeler are called to serve for a wide variety of military and defense applications: propulsion systems and lifter motors for drones, airplanes, last-mile emergency flying platforms and jet suits, compressors for atmospheric surveillance balloons – just to name a few.

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