eVTOLs & Aircraft

A founding member and 25-year supply partner of German drone manufacturer Microdrones, Schübeler Technologies was uniquely positioned to design electric propulsions systems and rotary lifting drives for drones and aircrafts. Over time, Schübeler fans have been adopted by the most reputable global aircraft manufacturers and air mobility companies which seek Schübeler products for their performance, efficiency, robustness, compactness and light weight. Building up on proven technologies for classic fixed winged aircrafts and eVTOLs, Schübeler Technologies now embraces the future of aerospace by scaling the size and power of its fans and lifting drives to customers’ increasingly higher requirements and inventing technologies which support the increase in scale.

Wind Tunnel

Electric fans have become indispensable to recreate real-life conditions in safe and clean wind tunnel simulation scenarios. By outfitting scaled models with our fans, our customers are successfully replicating exhaust air streams from aircraft engines for improved performance predictability.

HAPS: High Altitude Platform Station

When Alphabet spin-off Loon came to Schübeler Technologies to inquire about how to control their stratospheric balloons with electric fans, we advised that the requested low air volume flow would lead to a stall of a classic fan when pressurizing the ballonet. Instead, we designed a compressor that delivered high pressure at low volume flow in the stratosphere. Hundreds of Loon balloons were subsequently successfully deployed and operated. Lately, companies and governmental agencies seeking to deploy telecommunications and surveillance equipment in the stratosphere have shown interest in our compressors as altitude control devices for balloons carrying such equipment.


In the last decade, aerospace engineers have been exploring novel ways to ingest, influence and energize boundary layers to create thrust and lift at the same time by combining the propulsion system and the lifting surface (wing). We, at Schübeler Technologies, have the electric fan technology to bring this distributed propulsion system from concept to reality.

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