As Seen In Aviation Week: Growth in the AAM market and the Schubeler Aero ePO5-21


Aviation Week author Ben Goldstein looks at the history of Schubeler and how they have grown to where they are today, recently launching the new eP05-21, which is making serious inroads into the AAM market.

“One of the first applications for the eP05-21 is in a 60-percent powered subscale demonstrator employed by one of the most successful German eVTOL companies. The product is a great fit for the subscale prototype, which is highly efficient when operating at medium speeds of up to 35 meters per second, according to Schubeler. Because of the scalable nature of the ducted fan propulsion system, including the electric motor, Schubeler said the system can integrate more power, increase RPM and enlarge the flight envelope for a larger and more capable platform. “We can use the same technology and grow in diameter, in power and then fulfill the upcoming demand of eVTOLs which require higher thrust because you have four-, five- or six-seater planes which require five or six kN of thrust,” Schubeler says. “This is a business case which we can clearly see coming up.

Liliumn Wind Tunnel Testing

Besides that application, fellow German company Lilium is using an advanced 800V version of one of the smaller Schubeler electric fans in its wind tunnel test campaign at the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) facility in Marknesse, Netherlands.”

Check out the full article by visiting Aviation Week at this link: SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Schubeler Aero | Aviation Week Network

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