China’s DAP Technologies Enters Into Agreement To Represent Electric Propulsion Specialist Schubeler


DAP Technologies Will Be Offering Schubeler’s Disruptive Fan Technology to Chinese Customers

September 19, 2023


Bad Lippspringe, Germany- Following  Schubeler’s product launch of the ePO5-21 last month, Schubeler is glad to announce that DAP Technologies in China will offer Schubeler Aero products starting September 18, 2023.

According to Daniel Schubeler, Founder and CEO of the company with his namesake, “Launching eP05-21 has been a big deal for us. It fills a niche strongly needed in the aviation industry, as it is designed to power both manned and unmanned electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircrafts, where there is a hotbed of development activity.”

eP05-21 Fan front view
Pictured above: eP05-21 from Schubeler is purpose-built for Advanced Air Mobility Aviation Applications. With a diameter of 524mm, DC power input of 21 kW, Static Thrust of 680N, a flight speed range of 0-45 m/s and a sub-60V architecture, it is ready to be integrated into eVTOL projects.”

He added, “eP05-21 is the first in a new line of Aerospace-specific products that will be referred to as Schubeler Aero. It’s tested and proven technology; we’ve completed intense wind tunnel testing and working with a partner like DAP Technologies is testimony to that. With the lifter motor technology that we already offer, we now can offer the full range of electric propulsion systems that Advanced Air Mobility innovators need to move their platforms. We are thrilled to share our expertise with Chinese customers and learn more along the way about our customer needs”. Louis Liu, Founder & CEO of DAP Technologies, says, “China’s AAM industry is growing at an extremely fast pace thanks to the support of Chinese authority’s policies. New flight test areas are being opened all throughout China to enable manufacturers to experiment and China has now 10 to 20 credible eVTOL manufacturers working on demonstrators or on certification of existing platforms. DAP Tech has built its reputation in the aerospace and AAM industry on making its customers successful in all of their tech integration projects. We do this by working with exceptional companies like Schubeler. We were impressed by their 25 years of electric propulsion and turbomachinery experience. We look forward to a long partnership working with them in the Advanced Air Mobility. The strategic cooperation with Schubeler is an important step for us to create DAP One-Stop Supply Chain Solution, and we will continue to improve our supply chain solutions in the future to support Chinese manufacturers build their eVTOLs quickly and well”.

About Schubeler

A globally recognized expert in electric propulsion systems, Schubeler offers off-the-shelf electric ducted fans and custom made propulsion solutions to a wide variety of customers in need of aerospace and turbomachinery components.

Founded in 1997, Schubeler has been relentlessly pursuing innovation in the field of electric propulsion systems. With an initial focus on electric CFRP axial fans for the sports and hobby sector, Schubeler built its reputation meeting the needs of demanding customers with a passion for high-end aeromodelling. By doing so, Schübeler gained invaluable experience that enabled it to solve special propulsion problems for commercial applications after its aeromodelist customers started introducing Schubeler products into their professional projects as a novel solution for achieving thrust, volume flow and/or pressure in highly challenging environments.

A growing customer base made of international companies and start-ups driven by the ever-expansive electrification of traditional industries helped propel Schubeler as a global leader in electric propulsion. True to its founding in 1997, from theory to application, the company continuously develops, tests and manufactures innovative, high-performance and high efficiency propulsion systems.

About DAP Technologies

DAP Technologies develops the new business and takes care of our customer’s projects in China. As a Key Industrial Partner (KIP) of the companies from EU, we provide consulting services and technical supports for their business.

Founded in 2017, DAP Technologies focuses on AAM/eVTOL and Special Mission Aircraft (SMA) business. Diversity requirements, diversity solutions. We recognize that each customer has individual requirements, and our objective is to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution tailored to their specific needs. DAP Technologies thinks different, telling the truth and contributing the best. Making others success is DAP Technologies’ mission.

DAP Technologies supports international eVTOL OEMs entry into Chinese market and provide DAP One-Stop Supply Chain Solution to all the top level eVTOL OEMs in China

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