Schübeler Technologies dedicates to the pursuit of its customer projects a focused team of passionate electric propulsion engineers and technicians under the leadership of renowned electric propulsion pioneer Daniel Schübeler. Schübeler Technologies’ team is located in the heart of Germany and supports customers from all around the world.

In addition to its HST and HDS electric ducted fans product lines, Schübeler Technologies designs, develops and manufactures custom electric propulsion solutions for time-pressed, technology-savvy customers seeking to solve traditional challenges in a innovative manner by exploiting the thrust, volume flow and/or pressure delivered by Schübeler’s electric systems.

Schübeler Technologies will transform customer ideas from their initial expression into a high-performance and reliable product following a proven and systematic process – which will be adapted to customer’s technical, cost, time or other constraints:

  • feasability study – aligning physics with customer idea, assessing cost, development time & resources necessary, determining regulatory hurdles and third-party technology availability
  • conceptual design phase – understanding customer requirements, setting up sizing and concept, analyzing concept and running basic analytical and numerical calculations
  • preliminary design phase – freezing concept, completing parametric 3D-CAD and preliminary design, running advanced numerical calculations , developing the design for manufacturing (DFM), developing production processes, selecting industrial partners and supply chain, refining cost estimate
  • detailed design phase – finalizing the detailed 3D-CAD model, refining numerical computations, testing 1st components, design the tools, jigs and fixtures, refining manufacturing processes, freezing the performance predictions and finalizing cost estimate
  • Prototyping – building/sourcing tools & tooling, producing pilot series, ramping up production

Schübeler Technologies has unparalleled expertise in electric propulsion and is focused, flexible, responsive and fully dedicated to its customers’ projects. It is the right partner for innovative companies who are in need of a fully-committed R&D and manufacturing partner who understands that highly complexed industrial projects are never straightforward routes and require the highest degree of expertise, commitment, speed and flexibility from its participants to become a viable success.

Over the 25 years of its existence, Schübeler Technologies has acquired extensive experience in leading, managing and completing complex development projects and series production orders for customized solutions for a wide range of customers – from large industrial groups to start up companies in the aerospace, automotive, robotics or other industries.

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