Let us help you integrate our propulsion technology into your concept

What is the Innovation Lift Program?

It is an initiative launched by Schubeler to give innovators like you access to a Schubeler Propulsion Expert.

Here’s how it works:

Expert guidance from our specialists

Participants are assigned a Schubeler propulsion specialist to assist with all their propulsion related questions


Participants receive a credit of 10 engineering hours over a period of 12 weeks


The program comes at no charge

The goal?

Supporting entrepreneurs who wish to use Schubeler electric propulsion systems for their product and in particular helping them tackle technical challenges that will arise from such integration.

Why the Innovation Lift Program?

True to the cliché story of the entrepreneur starting out in his parent’s garage, Daniel Schübeler built his first electric ducted fans in the attic of his parents’ home in Germany. Like so many before and after him, Daniel Schübeler realized quickly that having a great idea was nowhere sufficient to create a marketable, successful product. For him, what really made the difference were the people he met along the way and who spontaneously provided him with immensely valuable pieces of advice just because they loved the project and wanted him to succeed! The Innovation Lift Program is now Daniel’s own way to help fellow entrepreneurs realize their projects.

Who qualifies for the Innovation Lift Program?

The Innovation Lift Program is open to anyone who:

  • has purchased at least 1 electric ducted fan from Schubeler;
  • is seeking to test and integrate Schubeler electric ducted fans into its own product concept; and
  • doesn’t yet have a marketable product and/or an established business.

How does the program work?

We make it easy. Simply mention to your contact at Schubeler that you want to take advantage of the program. We’ll assign you a Propulsion expert. Just reach out to him when you have questions for him or just want to run ideas by a Propulsion “sparring partner! “

We’ll do the tracking of the hours for you and we’ll let you know if and when you’ve exhausted your allowance. Or… we may just keeping going with you because we are passionate about your project and don’t want to stop working on it!

We hope you will take advantage of the Innovation Lift Program. Take it as a genuine offer to help on our end – our reward will be to help spread electric propulsion across traditional industries (and of course, it doesn’t harm if you keep buying our products…)

What else do I need to know?
  • Schubeler reserves the right to decline eligibility to the program or terminate your participation in the program at any time if it appears that you are not genuinely interested in integrating our technology into your concept or if we determine we cannot help with the issues you face (we don’t sell the universal cure … sometimes, our products are not a good match for what customers are looking for!)
  • Our Propulsion Expert will seek to help the participant to the best of his/her ability but the participant is ultimately the only decision maker as to what to do with the guidance we offer. Schubeler will under no circumstances be held responsible for any advice provided to the participant
  • In order to help participants achieve broader exposure to potential customers, Schubeler may also display your logo on its website as a customer – however, if you do not wish to be featured, let your Propulsion Expert know and we’ll go with your wish
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