HST® Fans

Fans with Fully Integrated Motors

The Schubeler HST® Fan line offers high-performance propulsion systems ranging in diameter from 93mm to 195 mm. Each integrates Schubeler’s proprietary motor design which was developed in order to attain levels of efficiency and reliability not available with other motors on the market. This makes Schubeler HST fans unique.

HST fans are electric propulsion systems of choice for drones and ground-effect vehicles looking for light-weight electric solutions delivering high thrust and speed.

Upon customer request, all HST fans can be ruggedized to withstand harsh environmental conditions and natural elements, such as heat, sand, salty water and debris. Power and voltage of the fans can also be adapted.

All HST fans are built in Schubeler’s German facility with motor technology designed in-house and are compliant with U.S. NDAA regulations.

  • DS-215-DIA HST® (195 mm)


    Our successful HST® fan series is now extended with a further extremely efficient and powerful ducted fan…

  • DS-130-DIA HST® (152 mm)


    The DS-130-DIA HST® has the same aerodynamic basis as its bigger brother DS-215-DIA HST® fan, and is fully redesigned with CFD simulation

  • DS-98-DIA HST® (128 mm)


    Improving upon the previous generation, the new 128 mm DS-98-DIA HST® can be ordered with three different motor options…

  • DS-82-DIA HST® (120 mm)


    Improving upon the previous generation, the new 120 mm DS-82-DIA HST® can be ordered with three different motor options

  • DS-51-DIA HST® (93 mm)


    The First 90 mm Class EDF, Built On High Torque HST Technology

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