DS-51-AXI HDS® (90mm)


Available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Logos’ rotating directions are in-flight directions (viewed from behind the fan)
  • Lighter and remarkably shorter rotor assembly that runs more efficiently due to smoothness with considerably less mechanical load
  • Blades are highly temperature-resistant, efficient and quiet
  • CFD optimized fiber-reinforced polymer rotor
  • High rigidity carbon sheath with aluminum stator
  • High-precision collet chuck for better pressure distribution
  • Possibility for fine-balancing by means of several free threads which are accessible without disassembly of the rotor
  • Optional mounting flange for interchangeability of all models
  • Material mix of CFRP, aluminum and injection molding results in outstanding technical characteristics coupled with an excellent price/performance ratio
  • A hub made of high-strength aluminum ensures the reliability of the rotor
  • Refined surfaces and special aviation adhesives and additional screws for joints
  • Stator is made of high-strength milled aircraft aluminum
  • Secure fan fix included
  • Recommended controllers: YGE Saphir 125 (1680), YGE Saphir 155 (2100 / 2250kV), or YGE 135 Opto (1125 / 1200 / 1400kV)
  • Intake ring recommended for optimal performance with Open-Duct / Test Bench Installation

Engineered and made in Germany

If no secure fan fix is required, please advise by email @ info@schubeler.com upon placing the order

Tech Specs

Max Speed 45,000 rpm
Max Power 4,270 W
Max Thrust 55 N
Max Exhaust Speed 95.6 m/s
Weight 114 g
Max Motor Diameter 39 mm
Shaft Diameter 5 mm g6


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