eP05-21, the future of eVTOL propulsion!

Available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Logos’ rotating directions are in-flight directions (viewed from behind the fan)
  • Fully electric
  • Certifiable under SC E-19 and DO-160G
  • Safety & ease-of-use (Sub 60V)
  • Best-in-Class performance
  • Wind-tunnel tested & flight-proven
  • Full battery and hybrid power source compatible
  • Adaptable as per customer aircraft requirements
  • Designed and made in-house in Germany

Tech Specs

Casing Inside Diameter 524 mm (20.63 in)
Fan Swept Area 1,970 cm² (305 sq in)
Total Weight (Including Motor) 8.26 kg (18.2 pounds)
Static Thrust Range 550-680 N (123-153 lbf)
Exhaust Speed Range 48-53 m/s (157-174 ft/s)
Rotational Speed Range 4,900-5,700 rpm
Electrical Input / Power 15,000 W DC-21,000 W DC
Total Efficiency (Ground Condition) 87%
Specific Torque 7.5 Nm/kg (hot and high, air-cooled) for 3 min continuous 2.5 lbf*ft/lbs
Voltage Recommended batteries are 12-14S LIPO (sub 60V)
MTBO (use-case dependent) >2500h
Sound Pressure Level Flyby @120m distance 61dB(A)
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