Propeller Drives


A co-founder of pioneer eVTOL manufacturer Microdrones, Daniel Schübeler started designing electric propeller drives at the same time he threw himself into electric fan technology – more than 25 years ago. Throughout the years, Schübeler Technologies has continued and continues to this day to design and develop and manufacture propeller drives for major aerospace, air mobility and drone customers seeking a unique propulsion solution for their aircrafts.



For German electric commercial quadcopter manufacturer Microdrones, Daniel Schübeler created a standard-setting propeller drive for hovering and low speed lateral flow. More than 15 years after, the architecture of this propeller drive still remains the standard for electric quadcopters. In order to get to this result, Daniel and his team defined the requirements for the propeller and then designed a custom-made motor that would deliver net thrust values.


Schübeler Technologies designed for parcel service provider DHL the 3rd generation parcelcopter which was tasked during a three-month trial in 2016 to make fully autonomous deliveries through the winds and snow of the Bavarian Alps for customers in two mountain communities. For this project, Schübeler Technologies broke several traditional technology barriers: (i) it designed a propeller drive that combined hovering capability AND unparalleled performance for fast forward flights; (ii) it used fixed blades for simplicity purposes and overcame the downside of fixed blades through the aerodynamic design and (iii) it designed (and successfully flew) a high-torque in-runner motor for the 1st time in electric aviation history.  


Schübeler Technologies is working on a new groundbreaking propeller drive for a major air mobility company. More to come soon…

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