Since Schübeler was founded in 1997, our professionals have been devoted to the development and manufacturing of efficient propulsion systems and lightweight components.

HST® Fans with fully
integrated motors

Our highest quality HST® Fan Series is equipped with fully integrated motors. Developed in house at the state of the art Schübeler facility, each fan is validated and tested via sophisticated measurement series.

HDS® Fans for separately
installed exchangeable motors

Efficiency. Precision. Durability. These are the guiding principles that allow us to exceed the expectations of sophisticated model jet pilots worldwide.

Propulsion for Gliders

This is where ceflix and Schübeler expertise come together, enabling us to offer you glider propulsion solutions that are efficient, durable and precision engineered.

Electric Motors for Ducted Fans

For our ducted fans we offer a range of highly efficient but reasonably priced motors. These were developed in-house and have been validated and optimized by several measurement series.

RC Jet Accessories

You can order all of our tried and trusted ducted fan accessories via our convenient online shopping experience!

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