Energy Efficient Aviation Needs Electric Propulsion Systems

Aerial transportation presents unique opportunities and challenges. This is why Schubeler created Schubeler Aero as a line of electric propulsion systems specially designed to fulfill Aviation’s demanding requirements.

At Schubeler, we put safety first. And we believe that safety can only be fully guaranteed by placing continuously evolving aerospace standards at the heart of our design process.

Once safety is ensured, our propulsions systems shall strive to deliver the highest achievable levels of:

  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Weight Reduction
  • Low Noise Signature
  • Operating Cost Reduction
No aero propulsion system can meet aircraft manufacturers’ expectations in respect of these requirement, unless it was specially engineered to this end.
This is why Schubeler went back to the drawing board two years ago when prompted by a major AAM customer to create a propulsion system for their eVTOL demonstrator. Schubeler set out to design its first aero electric fan – the eP05-21- to be certifiable under SC E-19 and DO-160G. Then, thanks to its unique 25-year experience in designing, building, manufacturing and servicing electric fans of all sizes, architecture and performance levels, it created the eP05-21 unique features.
The eP05-21 is now tested and proven technology. It has overcome over-the-limits wind tunnel testing. It has flown aircrafts. It fulfills its mission of delivering a safe flight. 

Our Customers

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