Unleash the power of electric ducted fans

For more than 25 years, Schubeler has been designing and manufacturing groundbreaking electric ducted fans for customers looking for thrust, volume flow and pressure in highly challenging environments.

Initially intended for hobbyists looking for a safe, clean, powerful and immediately available source of thrust for their jet model airplanes, electric ducted fans have been subsequently adopted by traditional industries thanks to those same hobbyists who had started experimenting with electric ducted fans in their companies.

As traditional industries caught up with fans, customers’ expectations for higher power, thrust and exhaust speed, rose. This lead Schubeler to design its first high blade count axial fan, high-torque motor and the HST fan line.

Today, along with passionate hobbyists who continue to chose Schubeler fans because they want the best for their scale planes, innovative companies are using standard or custom Schubeler fans for a very wide range of applications but all with the common expectations of:

  • High thrust level
  • High pressure ratio
  • High mass flow
  • Durability
  • High volumetric and gravimetric power

For those who wonder, Turbo stands for turbomachinery — a word most often used by engineers but with every day benefits for mankind.

Our Customers

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