Electric ducted fans have become critical to improving the performance and endurance of racing cars and hyper cars. Among the most common applications, our fans dramatically improve driving experience by increasing lateral acceleration in high-speed curves through the application of varying levels of downforce and cool sensitive elements, such as drivers, brakes or gearboxes.


Operating as aero-actuators, electric ducted fans have recently been introduced into the Robotics field to enhance the performance of robots. By outfitting robots with aero-actuators, researchers and industrial companies have brought robots under control in scenarios (e.g., a jump or fall) in which a robot was previously perceived uncontrollable.

Aerodynamics Optimization

Electric ducted fans have become indispensable to recreate real-life conditions in safe and clean wind tunnel simulation scenarios.

By outfitting scale models with our fans, customers are successfully replicating exhaust air streams from automotive piston engines for improved performance predictability.

Defense & Surveillance

Technologies developed by Schubeler are called to serve for a wide variety of military and defense applications: propulsion systems and lifter motors for drones, airplanes, last-mile emergency flying platforms and jet suits, compressors for atmospheric surveillance balloons – just to name a few.

RC Jets

Lightweight, efficient and powerful propulsion is needed by serious hobbyists. For over 25 years, Schubeler has been offering this to hobbyists looking for the best for their scale models high end electric ducted fans.

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